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Air Freight Management

HLFS Airfreight Management is capable in
managing single or complex shipments by air,
using all types of aircraft’s and equipment’s,
including dedicated charter flight and schedule
passenger and freighter services.

Sea Freight Management

HLFS offers a range of comprehensive services
which include Worldwide handling of Out of Gage
& Medium Size project cargo, FCL & LCL for Import
& Export , complemented by a keenly constructed
feasible solutions at a keenly priced tariff pooled
with dependable sailing schedules.

Land Transport Management

The HLFS Land Transport Department provides
domestic and international transportation, using
its own specialized fleet, equipped with
GPRS devises suitable for any type of
customer requirements.


HLFS has an adept crew who is well versed
in developing innovative solution packages
that stir confidence. Our best-in-class energy
service sector makes Heavy Load Freight
Services, your energy freight services partner.


HLFS offer a Project Management Service
through which all your logistic needs are
addressed. HLFS has an expert team who
is proficient in handling emergency
shipments, which require quick
preparation time and rapid action.


HLFS offers a multimodal transportation
not only as a combination of a few ways
of transportation like air, sea, road or rail,
but also, coalesce entire logistics
infrastructure like terminals, consolidated
warehouses, sea and air ports.

HLFS provides industrial packing and crafting
as well as lashing solutions to the clients.
HLFS has a qualified team which is well
experienced in lashing & packing of
heavy equipments.

Lashing and Industrial Packing

HLFS supply chain service include Preparing all
needed documents for legal approval, provides
stock management system for correct
categorization of products as well as better
record maintenance, also HLFS is experienced
and gives best storage facility to clients for
their large range of goods.

Supply Chain


HLFS equipped to handle all on-forwarding
cargo whether arrive by sea in containers,
break-bulk or Ro/Ro to Jebel Ali or by Air to Dubai
or DWC transshipment documents are done and
goods are to be on the way by either Air, Sea or
land to the Final destinations


Looking at the current situation around, we live in the world in which freight forwarding concept has become extremely important. The industry of freight forwarders has now become highly specialized with large number. For an average customer or client, he might get lot of options in the market for freight forwarding services, but selection of a best and perfect freight forwarder might confuse the client. Also sometimes average client has no deep idea about the services that should be provided by a freight forwarder.

There are some elements that should be considered and checked while selecting a good freight forwarder. Freight forwarding companies provides air freight services, sea freight services as well as land transportation for clients stuff and material. Freight forwarding area includes domestic and international air freight forwarding services, sea freight forwarding services and road freight forwarding services depending upon the client’s requirement.

Once a client have decided to select a freight forwarder, he needs to check mark some requirements from their own side including the source and destination for transportation, volume of stuff , time-frame to be received at destination and most importantly budget. Now based on our requirement we need to check the services which are going to be provided by a freight forwarder.

Here are some elements that a client needs to analyze with the freight forwarder:

Experience and professionalism in the same area
Coverage of source and destination route
Mode of freight forwarding service – air freight, sea freight and land transport
Are they going to provide multimodal management
Are they going provide door to door delivery or upto the port?
Safety and security standards provided
How do they provide packing to your stuff?
The provision of storage
Use of technology
Time frame commitment
Preparation and coverage of Legal documents
Transparency of contract
Comparison of quotation

A good freight forwarder always provides assistance for all the requirements to the clients as well as they provide best solutions to their clients for safe and smooth transportation of their materials. So based on specified elements, while selecting a freight forwarder a client should always see whether he will get best solution to their requirement and best assured service with high safety standards.

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